How It Works

1. Quote

Contact me for a no obligation, free quote. It would help me a lot if you attach your script or at least know the word count for your project and where it will be used: broadcast or non-broadcast. I can record a sample of your script to make sure the style, pace and tone is perfect for you.

2. Record

Once agreed, send me your final script with any special instructions or pronunciations for particular words and I will get started. I usually can provide this within 24 hours Monday to Friday depending on the length of the script.

3. Edit

I will edit the file to remove any unwanted, takes, breaths, pops or noises. If you prefer to do this yourself, that’s no problem too. I then add a ‘watermark’ and send your MP3 or Wav file either by email or ‘’ for approval.

4. Review and Approval

Your quote includes a free revision for any small changes you may want to make after the initial recording is complete. This may be changing the way a word is pronounced or emphasized.

If you decide to make any substantial changes to the original script, there will be a minimum charge of $50. This may be more depending on how much of the original script is being changed.

5. Payment

Once you give your approval and are 100% happy with the file, I send a payment request/invoice via Paypal, which is usually immediate. Or via Payoneer or local bank transfer, both of which may take a few days process. 

6. Delivery

Once payment is received, I immediately send the file without the watermark.

Many voice talents request an up front payment. I prefer to add the watermark to the file, so you can know exactly the quality of work you will receive.

Are you ready to get started? I am ready to get to record for you.